Is Brake Service Necessary?

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Is Brake Service Necessary?

Anyone who has been driving around for a substantial number of years will agree that brake service is necessary for a vehicle. Also, this holds true for all categories of vehicles, whether pickup trucks, sedans, buses, hatchbacks, or SUV’s. Everything that starts needs to stop at some point in time, which is why proper functioning brakes are necessary for vehicles on the road. Brakes can be kept functional throughout the year and in different weather conditions through brake service.

Before the visits, an experienced vehicle user may even give some information about a vehicle’s brakes based on a basic visual inspection.

Brake Service Intervals

Brakes must typically be checked after 50,000 miles, which may become necessary at 25,000 miles for some vehicles and users. Similarly, they may even last for 70,000 miles for users who have light feet. The owner’s manual of every car has accurate information about brake servicing, which includes replacement of brake pads.

Solving Squeaking Problems

At times vehicle owners may hear squeaking noises from the brakes of their cars. With vehicles getting ABS (Antilock Braking System), this is an unlikely scenario unless hard braking has been done for a long time. Inspection is necessary in such a case, and the problem may be solved by using a brake cleaner. Certain brake lubricants are also available in the market, about which reputed service mechanics would know.

Vehicles must always be taken to reputed car service centers. Only the expert mechanics would be able to correct diagnose problems related to brakes and other parts. On the new mechanics, new mechanics may end up doing more harm than good to a car.

Receive Online Schedules

A lot of service companies or auto manufacturers have their own apps these days to schedule maintenance activities. Users can utilize such apps to schedule brake maintenance as per their convenience. Booking such appointments online is more convenient than having to visit the service center every time.

Common Activities During Brake Service

Diagnosis of the braking problem is best left to the expert mechanics, largely due to their experience. This diagnosis is made based on tests and the customer’s initial complaint. Brake pad replacements may seem as the most obvious solutions in several cases, but the actual system is more complex than that. Here are some of the common activities in a brake service:

  1. Brake Fluid Flush– Hydraulic fluid present in a vehicle enables it to stop. Depleted brake fluids will require a brake fluid flush.
  2. Replacement of Front Brake Pad- A large percentage of vehicles have FWD (Front Wheel Drive) systems, which means that the front brakes work the hardest. These brakes will always require a lot of care.
  3. Replacement of Rear Brake Pad- Although the rear brake pads may not work as hard as the front ones, they still require maintenance. Brake pads in RWD (Rear Wheel Drive) vehicles may wear out fast.
  4. Replacement of Rotors– If there is a bent or a damaged rotor in any brake, it will have to be replaced. This is because the rotor is an essential component which makes the vehicle stop at a safe distance.

More than the miles, it is necessary to visit the service center at least once for brake services. Such components must never be taken casually.

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