Do I Need an Alignment?

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Do I Need an Alignment?

You might not be sure whether you need an alignment for new tires or not. Here we will answer the most important questions that will help your vehicle to get perfect new tires.

Is the alignment required for new tires?
It’s not compulsory to have a wheel alignment for new tires. Still, it’s good to have an alignment because it maintains angles of all the tires with each other and the road.
If you’re thinking about saving money and don’t get an alignment, you may experience a hectic and rough ride that can shorten the lifespan of your new tires.

How often does my vehicle need an alignment?
It would be better to get an alignment every year, but f you drive more on rough roads, your car may require an alignment before a year.
If your vehicle wears from the side or if you hear any noise while driving the vehicle, then you must do an alignment to prevent your vehicle from damaging.

Why are wheel alignments necessary?
Alignments for the vehicle will save you money in many ways.
Poorly aligned tires can wear out faster; they have to regularly install new tires and that will not be affordable anymore. So, wheel alignment helps you to conserve fuel and save your money.

Is it necessary to align all the tires at once?
Of course, yes. Nowadays, the majority of vehicles need a four-wheel alignment. Four-wheel alignments make it simple to handle. You should also check the rear axle regularly.
If you do a two wheels alignment, then the weight imbalance causes damage to your vehicle. Wheel balancing compensates weight imbalance in the wheel combination. There is the presence of two standard types of wheel or tire imbalance that requires to be corrected at the right time: Static (or single plane) & dynamic (or dual plane). Static balance is a balance on one plane only.
Vertical movement causes vibration. There is a need for a special balance machine for vertical and lateral movement. To balance the tires, a technician can adjust the pressure on the entire tire. The machine spins the tire or wheel at high speed and measures the tire imbalance. According to the results of the balancing machine, the technician adds weight to the tires and balances the vehicle.
Now it is clear how to maintain your vehicle. If you follow the above steps, then your vehicle will not face balancing problems.
Take advice from some technicians and add an alignment for your new tires to boost the efficiency of tire.

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