6 Tips for Driving Safely this Holiday Season

December 16th, 2020 by

The holidays are long-awaited! Or at least they have been in the past before the novel coronavirus brought the entire world to a halt. This year has remained the holiday season since then. However, December has a different ring to it.


With Christmas and New Year’s Eve making the month festive in the most cherishing manner, we would like your attention to the possible precautions one could take to ensure safe driving. We realize you might be driving to your friends and family, and that seems inevitable; so it would be better to prepare yourself beforehand. The weather may not be supportive throughout, with snowfall and harsh winds. We recommend taking appropriate measures so that you do not fall into any kind of trouble during the celebration.


Six tips for driving safely during the festive season:

  • Pre-planning is essential- Although unplanned road trips bring an adrenaline rush, a little pre-planning comes in handy when traveling further distances. You might want to check the weather conditions in advance if your vehicle is in good shape and the safest route to your destination.
  • Sleep well the previous night- It is common to experience fatigue while driving. So, we recommend getting plenty of sleep the night before your road trip. That would ensure you remain fresh throughout the journey. It might be better to take regular breaks between driving, maybe stop for lunch, or just a casual walk to stretch the muscles.
  • High speed increases the chances of crashing– Based on the data published, the chances of a crash increase by 2% if you drive at high speed. Besides that, one would be better positioned to judge the surrounding traffic when driving at a slower speed. You also get to focus on the billboard signs installed on the side of the road that provide necessary information.
  • Do not let frustration take control– Being the holiday season, you are sure to find heavy traffic. After all, it is not just you visiting their friends and family to celebrate the season. Remain patient and allow the rash drivers to pass by you so that you do not get into an accident.
  • Don’t drink & drive– The most common cause of car accidents is that people are in a party mood and tend to drink and drive. Alcohol makes your vision blurry, and you do not realize what you are heading towards. So, if you know you are drinking, do not indulge in driving. Let your friend or partner drive instead.
  • Keep the phone aside– The messages and calls could wait until you come to a halt; we recommend keeping the phone either on silent or switching to Airplane mode or Focus mode. If you are alone in the car, you might consider putting on some smooth music to stay engaged. Try to avoid any distractions when driving.

AAA projects have suggested 107 million Americans are going to be on the road this year. So, one could expect heavy traffic on the road. That means being extra vigilant of any possible threats.  Watch out for the speed your car is running at. Remember, the driver of the car must consider other passenger’s safety. Do not be hasty and drive safely. Let the festive year bring joy to the already tragic year.

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