St. Patrick’s Day in Nashville, TN

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St. Patrick’s Day in Nashville, TN

St Patrick’s Day is the celebration of all things Irish. From green costumes, drinks, food, events, and parties, the holiday is all about honoring the patron St Patrick. In true Irish fashion, every year on March 17, the town of Nashville, Tennessee puts up great decoupage to honor the day and its message.

Events light up the streets while parades make way for a gorgeous show. Thus, if you happen to be in Nashville, this year do not forget to miss all the fun.

Why Celebrate St Patrick’s Day?

St Patrick’s Day, as we all know, is a festival marked to honor the great patron St Patrick. The story about his journey right from childhood to becoming a renowned saint is no less than a motion picture. St Patrick was born in Ireland, and in his early years, he was an atheist.

Although his family were Christians, he was a nonbeliever of God. During his teenage years, he was once abducted by a group of pirates who made his life a living hell. They tortured him and held him captive for years, during which he was even mistreated.

Luck shined on him when he found his escape route and was found on the coast of Ireland many years later. This episode of his life changed his views about god and made him a true saint in all terms.

What to do on St Patrick’s Day?

Nashville, Tennessee has a reputation for having the grandest of parties during this festive time. The streets are lined up with people, and various events make the day. People make the most of this day by going on a bar crawl and bingeing on Irish delicacies. Also accompanying the dress code is green, which is an important theme and part of this celebration.

Some people also make it to the St Patrick’s Purgatory. The place has been associated with spiritual healing since the 13th century. It is also believed that people who visit the purgatory during this day have all their sins healed.

Apart from that, if you love eating food, then take a stroll in all the restaurants on this day. There will be an unlimited variety of Irish food which you can enjoy to your heart’s content.

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