What to Bring to the Dealership when Buying a Car

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What to Bring to the Dealership when Buying a Car

There can be different priorities for individuals who look to buy a car. For some, it may be a question of upgrading from a smaller to a bigger vehicle. Others may want to purchase a four wheeler for the very first time. In either case, cars are not items that can directly bought off the Internet; individuals must visit dealerships and know about the deals available on vehicles. A dealership is also the place where a potential buyer test drives a vehicle and finalizes it.

To make the buying process hassle-free, it is important to carry certain important documents. Here is a list of items that must be present on the buyer’s checklist:

  1. Driver’s License– The person purchasing the car must be carrying his or her driver’s license, to make the purchase process legal. Other than this, the license is also usable as a proof of identity. It will be necessary if the buyer plans to take a test drive. Why unnecessarily be denied the opportunity to purchase a wonderful car by forgetting the driver’s license?
  2. Proof for Insurance– Availability of insurance proof always helps get a new car faster than usual. Contact the insurance agent before getting to the dealership. He or she may be able to help eliminate the old vehicle and add the new one into the policy. For this purpose, it is usually necessary to keep the current proof of insurance card.
  3. Pay Slips– Individuals looking for loans through dealerships will need to carry copies of pay slips with them. The pay slips are also helpful if car purchases qualify for corporate discounts in certain areas.
  4. How to Pay– There are different ways for buyers to pay. These include loans, cash, checks, and online banking. Irrespective of the payment mode, buyers must ensure that there is adequate balance, and they have access to the chosen method of payment. Dealerships will specify if down payments need to be made there. Through the dealership’s finance department, buyers can know the necessary documents and arrange for the same.
  5. Trade-In Documents– For those trading in their old vehicles for new cars, they will need to bring documents to support the same. In case of a loan on the previous vehicle, it would be mandatory to bring loan release documents.
  6. Information About Discounts- The pay slips are also helpful if car purchases qualify for corporate discounts in certain areas. Other than these, there may be other kinds of discounts as well. Be sure to find out the same before making a purchase.

Apart from the documents, there is a lot to know about a new car before making a purchase.

Important Points About Buying New Cars

  1. Use the Internet to thoroughly research the kind of car that is best suited to requirements. Part of this decision is based on budget as well.
  2. Take time to shortlist the vehicle and then call the dealership. Do not be in a hurry to call the dealership without doing adequate research.
  3. Never purchase a vehicle without a proper test drive. There are numerous aspects about cars that only be known upon taking test drives. Individuals must not only check comfort of the front seats; they must see the space in the rear seat as well.
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