What to do in Hendersonville, TN this summer

July 27th, 2021 by

Hendersonville, TN

What to do in Hendersonville, TN this summer

Irrespective of whether you want to spend a romantic weekend, enjoy family time, or need a place to unwind on your own, Hendersonville has got you covered. Offering several hidden gems, here are the top things to do in Hendersonville, TN, this summer.

Stop at historic downtown:

If you want to visit only one place, make sure you stop at Hendersonville and explore the interesting offerings that it has in store for you. It boasts the presence of multiple galleries which are housed in the ancient buildings. In addition, summer is one of the best times to visit the area when exotic dinners grace it from a selection of restaurants nearby.

Several attractions are located within walking distance. The attractions include Lapidary Museum, Appalachian Pinball Museum, Pisgah Forest Gem Mine, and more.

Explore the gem store:

Now, who does not like gems! If you want to experience firsthand the best mining operations of the area, do not forget to explore the local gemstones. This stop also offers several indoor and outdoor panning areas. The retail stores let visitors purchase a bucket and pan minerals in the store.

Tour around the National Historic Site:

If you love poetry, you might as well visit the National Historic Site of Carl Sandburg Home. Appreciate the extravagant beauty of the home and the gardens and feel at one with the beauty in the surroundings. It is situated at a high point of the massive property, and the home is still the same as it was.

Visit Granddad’s Apples N’ Such:

Offering the ideal opportunity to enjoy a day in the sun, a visit to the Granddad’s Apples N’ Such is a maze carved from five acres of cornfields. Emerging as one of the popular attractions, it is filled with activities to explore. In addition, you can pick apples and even purchase pre-picked ones.

Hike in the recreation forest:

The hiking trails wind through tall trees with offering picnic shelters as a place to relax. The 2.2-mile trail further leads past the High Falls and Triple Falls and was used to film the Hunger Games.

Watch a play:

The Flat Rock Playhouse is one of the popular places to watch a play. Built-in the 1950s, it hosts several lineups of shows, drama, musicals, and more. It also primarily focuses on education and other related programs.

Watch the view:

The view from Jump Off Rock looks over the Blue Ridge Mountains, and it is a treat to watch. Known as one of the popular viewpoints, it is a beautiful area to sit and relax. Appreciate the true beauty of nature and seal the moment.

Paddle or tube:

Arrange an outing during the stay in Hendersonville; it can arrange various trips, which range from a few hours to even half a day. Enjoy outdoor sports such as kayaking, canoeing, tubing, and more.